Millions of Miles From the Earth

Sweet, cool sounds lift us up through the spaceways tonight… meanwhile, do we dare to dream that our freedoms, communities, minds, speech and protests will be progressively championed going forward into the future?? Do we allow our skeptical minds to accept such logical, common sense statements such as “we can either settle for a country where […]

Occupy the Airwaves!

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Occupy the Airwaves!

Still reeling from the Mutiny Radio occupy coverage, and a fantastic week of bloody internet battle, The Stranger interviews Kyle McCarthy of Occupy Student Debt and ‘Default: The Student Loan Documentary‘ about the usury and predatory practices of large corporations like Sallie Mae. If corporations are people, they are really, really bad people. PLAYLIST In The […]

The ’12 Comeback Special

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A syzygy of dimensions align, the nexus of all realities opens and eclipses Friday the Thirteenth, and the Stranger recalibrates his time circuits and returns to the airwaves, chats with DJ Yuri G and the Handyman about the events of the last year, the Robot War for the Future he averted with Ze Black Waffle, […]

Strange Days Have Found Us

Well, we’ve really done it. Ze Black Waffle and I have returned triumphant from waging the Robot War for the Future against SpaceWeb and its mechanical forces of cold calculation. We are safe from the existential threat of malevolent, artificially-intelligent automata… for now. Unfortunately, in preventing a horrific potential future from coming to pass, we may have accidentally set […]