Will Banksters at JPMorgan Chase Finally Pay for Their Misdeeds?

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from Alternet by Richard (RJ) Eskow, Campaign for America's Future Recent revelations show that Jamie Dimon’s bank represents all that is corrupt, contemptible, and criminal about today’s megabanks. Will California Attorney General Kamala Harris hang tough in her new lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase, the first to target individual bankers accused of defrauding the public? If so, it would […]

Is Nestle Involved in the Grisly Murder Of A Trade Unionist?

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from Alternet by James Bargent Luciano Romero’s homicide is now taking center stage in a legal battle to define corporate responsibility in conflict zones. On the night of September 5, 2005, two paramilitaries from the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia hijacked Luciano Romero’s taxi as he drove through his home city of Valledupar. They took him to a […]

America’s greatest threat: Unsafe work conditions

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from Salon.com > Politics If I told you that government officials possessed ironclad proof that an imminent threat to this nation had the capacity to create a 9/11’s worth of injuries and deaths every year at an annual economic cost of a quarter trillion dollars, ask yourself: Would you say we should do something about […]

Holder Says Leak Required “Very Aggressive Action.” Bank Crimes, Not So Much.

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from Campaign for America’s Future by Richard Eskow Apparently it never occurred to Attorney General Eric Holder that the Associated Press might be “too big to fail.” If it had,then his Justice Department probably never would have investigated it. The AP isn’t just any news agency. It’s the largest one in the United States and one of the […]

Upcoming Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement Looks Like Corporate Takeover

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via Campaign for America’s Future by Dave Johnson You will be hearing a lot about the upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. TPP’s negotiations are being held in secret with details kept secret even from our Congress. But giant corporations are in the loop. TPP is a “trade” agreement between several Pacific-rim countries that is actually about much more than just […]

The 1% Own Everything, Including the Supreme Court

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by OccupyWallSt Former Enron CEO and current jailbird Jeffrey Skilling should be out of jail in just four years, skipping nearly a decade of his prison sentence for corporate fraud and graft. As the world’s richest people are prone to do, Skilling is getting out of jail early with a combination of cash payments and […]

Direct Action Idea #2: Laughing at the 1%

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via OccupyWallSt When people from two different countries hate you, that means you are a public enemy. Last week, the richest man in the entire world, Carlos Slim, attempted to use a philanthropic gift to cover up the fact that his monopolistic practices have impoverished all of Latin America, with headway being made to raid […]

Bradley Manning is off limits at SF Gay Pride parade, but corporate sleaze is embraced | Glenn Greenwald

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via Glenn Greenwald | guardian.co.uk A seemingly trivial controversy reveals quite a bit about pervasive political values News reports yesterday indicated that Bradley Manning, widely known to be gay, had been selected to be one of the Grand Marshals of the annual San Francisco gay pride parade, named by the LGBT Pride Celebration Committee. When the […]

5 Disturbing Revelations from the NYPD Stop-and-Frisk Trial About Aggressive, Racist Policing

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from Alternet by Kristen Gwynne, AlterNet The landmark class-action suit has revealed a lot about the NYPD, and it’s not pretty. The city of New York is in the midst of a landmark class-action lawsuit. The suit, Floyd v. the City of New York, alleges that the NYPD has routinely violated the Constitution by stopping and searching black and […]

Obama Wants to Be the President Who Rolled Back the New Deal

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from Alternet by Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism   There is no more pretense possible. As we’ve warned for some time, Obama is eager to put a notch on his belt by being the President that rolled back the New Deal programs that helped create broad-based middle-class prosperity and dignity. He’s cast himself as an adult […]

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