Seized Hip-Hop Site Lashes Out At Feds, RIAA

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By David Kravets, WIRED The hip-hop music site the authorities shuttered for more than a year without explanation has lashed out at the recording industry and the federal government, likening the taking of the site to a “digital Guantanamo.” “Seizing a blog for linking to four songs, even allegedly infringing ones, is equivalent to seizing […]

Adam Yauch, MCA of Beastie Boys (1964-2012)

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BY RUSTY BLAZENHOFF ON MAY 4, 2012 Sad news, Rolling Stone is reporting that Adam Yauch (MCA) of Beastie Boys has died today at age 47. Nearly four years ago he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his parotid gland. UPDATE: The Beastie Boys website has released this official statement: It is with great sadness that we confirm that musician, rapper, activist and director Adam “MCA” […]