Strange Days Have Found Us

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Strange Days Have Found Us

Well, we’ve really done it. Ze Black Waffle and I have returned triumphant from waging the Robot War for the Future against SpaceWeb and its mechanical forces of cold calculation. We are safe from the existential threat of malevolent, artificially-intelligent automata… for now. Unfortunately, in preventing a horrific potential future from coming to pass, we may have accidentally set […]

DJ & Author – Pamtastic!

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Tune in to Mutiny Radio on Fridays 3-6pm and you’re only experiencing a part of the experience. That’s because Common Threads, is a remarkable LIVE experience. Each week scores of folks show up to step up to the mike and do their thing – whether that’s spoken word, acoustic folk, avant-guard performance … or whatever! […]

Meet Diamond Dave, host of the ‘Common Thread’

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Swing by Mutiny Radio on Fridays, from 3pm to 6pm (or tune in!) and you’ll find yourself wandering into the world of ‘Common Thread’, hosted by San Francisco legend, ‘Diamond Dave’ Whitaker. Here’s a profile of Double D, written by Hugh D’andrade  and originally published here on Laughing Squid: Two things might pop into your […]