A black girl’s constant fear: Why I thought I’d never live to see 33

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via Salon


I am tired of having to both read and write litanies for black girls gone too soon. For Relisha Rudd. For Renisha McBride who would have been 20 years old this month. For Karyn Washington. For Teleka Patrick. For Christina Sankey.

Some of these black girls like Karyn, age 22, and Teleka, age 30, were women. Some of them, like Relisha, were little women, made grown too soon. Some of them, like Renisha, were on the cusp of womanhood.

The circumstances of their deaths are all different. In fact, we hope Relisha is alive, but she has been missing for nearly two months, her kidnapper has been found dead of apparent suicide, and many activists believe her mother sold her to this man, and that he either killed her or sold her into the sex trade.

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