New at Mutiny Radio: Uladat / Uladat

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New at Mutiny Radio: Uladat / Uladat

Uladat / Uladat

Review by Salex

Finally we get some refreshingly innovative, dark and twisted new music sent to be transmitted through the airwaves here at Mutiny Radio. While this most definitely will not appeal to all music lovers, the audiophiliac electronic music listener will most definitely appreciate the sounds being made by Uladat. This 5 track release is a combination of dark
industrial, hardcore and IDM vibes filtered through the asymmetrical beats and time signatures, Latin influences, layered synths, varying percussion, guitars and an assortment of other instruments, ambient textures and samples reminiscent of those found in classic dub 45’s. Genre labels cannot accurately describe the vastness of sound explored in this EP. “Purgatory” builds up so much suspense with a pulsating bass drum and creepy samples, and I particularly love “777”, filled with spooky piercing synth stabs and punchy kick drums, all reverberating through a concrete and steel soundscape.  This album not only makes me smile, but it makes me feel like I’m in a warehouse back in the day “frolicking” between the lights in the front left side of the wall of speakers.
Genres: RPM, IDM, Experimental Electronic, Dub
For Fans of: Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, De Facto
Track Picks:
#2 – Guerra
#5 – 777

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