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Zion I & The Grouch / Heroes in the Healing of the Nation / Z & G Music
Review by DJ Ecoutez
In every song and collaboration they’ve done, Zion I & The Grouch dare to challenge every stigma you might have about hip hop music. From the very first track of Heroes in the Healing of the Nation, “Invitation”, The Grouch invites you into their world of words and wisdom with the reassurance that “…We are lost but we are not alone”. A far cry from the predictability of contemporary radio rap, the only thing you can ever expect from DJ AmpLive (half of Zion I) is to not know what to expect. He calls upon influences from dub step, house, electronica and hip hop to bring to life the positive imagery painted by Zumbi and The Grouch. “It’s Goin’ Down” plays more with the horns that ever so perfectly hyped up their songs on Atomic Clock, thanks to Mike Olmos from Jazz Mafia. In the inspirational “Leader”, where Zumbi (the MC half of Zion I) spits “I don’t follow your directions I feel the bass”, they once again balance on the fine line between a ‘slap’ and more celebrally stimulating hip hop. Zion I & The Grouch live up to their socially conscious standing by commenting on our easily brainwashed society in “Frankenstein” exclaiming that we’ve “created a monster!” I could go on and on about how exceptional this album is, but the only way to fully experience the musical genius that is Zion I & The Grouch would be to listen and drown yourself in its resonance.

1. Invitation
2. Leader
3. Victorious People
4. Drop It On The 1
7. Rockit Man
10. Frankenstein
13. Journey to Forever

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